Tue. Feb. 19 – Festival Series Bach: An Invitation with David Fung

Tue. Feb. 19 – Festival Series   Bach: An Invitation  with David Fung 4:00 pm, Auditorio de la Ribera, Ajijic

To hear Bach’s keyboard concertos is to witness the birth of a genre.  Alternating bustling brio and the most heartfelt lyricism, Bach creates music that speaks across centuries. Recently praised for his “simply gorgeous” playing and “crystalline phrasing” by the Washington Post, pianist David Fung is an ideal match for the immaculate poise and effortless dexterity these wonderful concertos require. Accompanied by the festival orchestra, This is certainly not a concert to be missed!

“Bach’s keyboard concertos oscillate brilliantly between energetic playfulness and sublime beauty. Hubris deftly gives way to humility-and even vulnerability-where Bach comes face to face with God.”

-David Fung 

Tickets $600 pesos centre $400 pesos sides