Sun. Feb 17 – Festival Series, For the Love of Opera

Sun, Feb. 17 –Festival Series, For the Love of Opera, 4 pm Auditorio de la Ribera, Ajijic

Come and enjoy a wonderful journey of operatic sampling featuring some of operas most delicious and dramatic moments from the early greats through to contemporary masters. The program is centered however around the most famous of opera composers,

Mozart but branches off in an earlier direction to Claudio Monteverdi and Händel, before taking a twist and turn to Benjamin Britten and Igor Stravinsky. Last year’s operatic stars, soprano Amalia Avilan and countertenor Daniel Moody are joined this year by tenor Andrew Fuchs and bass Alex Rosen for a full-fledged operatic adventure not to be missed!

Tickets $600 pesos centre $400 pesos sides