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January 31st to Feb. 16, 2020

It is again time to gather as we do each year, to enjoy a new chapter of our Festival. New and “long time” listeners will explore a vibrant musical spectrum and reconnect with some of the world’s greatest classical music and its favourite composers, all performed by some of the world’s leading musicians. 
The Festival features over ten different venues throughout Ajijic and Guadalajara offering concerts, workshops, collaborations and classes for young music students. This year is exciting in many respects. So many Festival favourites like David Fung, Susan Hoeppner, Amalia Avilan, The Gryphon Trio, and the Manhattan Chamber Players will be returning along with some new blood like our engaging and exciting conductor this season Bradley Thachuk, virtuoso guitarist and arranger Raffi Altounian and cabaret singer and songwriter Bryce Kulak. 
Our Festival series at the Auditorio this year includes exciting performances from world-renowned pianist David Fung, a staged opera featuring four fantastic singers, and of course the Festival orchestra. Or if hearing chamber music in the most intimate settings surrounded by stunning scenery is for you, then check out our “Salon Series” events with performers like The Gryphon Trio, Susan Hoeppner and the Manhattan Chamber Players. As something of a festival within a festival, there is a featured blues, jazz, rock element, with cabaret performers like Patricia O’Callaghan and Bryce Kulak and not to mention Richard Underhill leading the Festival jazz band, there’s something here for everyone! 
To have survived and flourished to the degree we have is a testament to the dedication of our committee and staff and to the remarkable and generous support we have received from the community. 
Given the intimacy that chamber music epitomizes it necessitates teamwork on and off the stage. The key to longevity and success is keeping close to one’s heart the ideal that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am very proud and grateful to the artists, the public, the committee and the supporting agencies who have allowed us to reach our 17th season. 
Christopher Wilshere
Christopher Wilshere
Founder and Artistic Director

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